About Us

Clash Mentor is a project made a by two veteran clash of clans players with an aim to create an all in one platform for all you clashing needs, be it base layouts, strategies or in-game information, the idea for this project popped up when Dark BarBarian one of the founders of this app was explaining to me that he wasn't able to feature all of his subscriber sent bases on his channel because of the technical and time limitations but he really appreciated the fact that people took time out of their day to send him bases and some of the bases were really good with detailed explanations but he couldn't feature them, so we decided let's create a platform where everyone can share their bases and get review directly from other clash players, we did some research the feasibility of this idea and we've been working on this ever since, it was a year-long project for us, I hope you find value in the work we do, and contribute in making this app one of the best Coc Guide app in existence.