Clash Mentor

Clash Mentor is a project made by two veteran clashers with an aim to create an ultimate all in one platform for all your clashing needs!

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iPhone Hero
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iPhone Feature 01

Clash Pedia, contains all knowledge of the clash world

In Clash Pedia tab, you can find all the descriptions, statistics, upgrade levels and upgrade charts of all the builidngs, troops, heroes etc, this will be your hub for all clash knowledge.

iPhone Feature 02 illustration
iPhone Feature 02

Leaderboard, battle amongst elite clashers for the top spot

In Leaderboard tab, all the users of the app compete with each other on the basis of points, points are earned when someone engages with your bases, the better the bases the higher the points.

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iPhone Feature 03

Strategy tab, guide to become an ultimate attacker.

In strategy tab, you will find all kinds of strategies like farming, war, trophy pushing for all the major town halls and builder halls, these strategies will turn you from an amateur to a Pro in no time!.